Bricklaying Prep Basics


Running a bricklayer business takes more than knowing how to build beautiful structures with bricks. If you’re the owner of the business, you’re going to need some managerial skills. This includes everything from dealing with employee matters, to knowing how to file bricklayer insurance policy claims, to making sure that you and your employees are fully prepared for every job. If you don’t have everything together when you show up to a job, your company can appear unprofessional which can in turn tarnish your reputation. Below are some things every bricklayer professional should have ready when they start a project for a client.

The Paperwork

Before you get started, you must go over a contract with the client. Make sure that you have all of your files organized and ready to get signed. Make certain that your contract policies are clear and understood by both parties.

Delivery of Bricks

Many professionals prefer to have all of their bricks delivered at once.  Before they can be delivered, designate a space that’s big enough to store all of the bricks until they are used. Once the bricks are delivered, you or your crew should inspect them and then set them up to be retrieved efficiently.

Cement Mixers

You should be sure to check that your cement mixer is functioning properly. Also be sure to support it with the proper guards and fittings and check to see that everything is attached correctly. Cement mixer preparation will vary based on the type of mixer you choose to use.


If you’re working on a tall building, scaffolds may be necessary. Ensure employee safety and avoid a bricklayers insurance nightmare by confirming that all scaffolds are secure and being used correctly. It’s important to know the weight capacity for your scaffold so you don’t overload it which can possibly cause damage or injury.

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Every job requires a specific toolset. Before you reach the site, be positive that you have everything you need to get the job done. Some common tools that every bricklayer should have include:

  • Trowels
  • Spirit Level
  • Line Pins
  • Club Hammers
  • Tape Measure
  • Chisel
  • Brick hammer
  • Jointer
  • Chalk Line
  • Brushes


If you must leave your equipment and bricks at the site, keep them protected from forces of nature like bad weather, stray animals, or people. Fully cover your equipment and bricks if you have to leave them outside. Bricks stain easily and their colors can be dramatically affected by rain.

 Guarantee  that you are fully prepared for your next job. When you have everything organized and accessible, it makes for a cleaner, safer, and more successful work environment. In the event that something does go awry, be sure to have reliable bricklayers insurance coverage to cover your bases. You can get a bricklayers insurance quote any time online. Get the job done and get it done right with good preparation.