Hiring a Bricklaying Apprentice


We all need experience. No matter what career path you decide to take, employers are going to want you have some sort of knowledge in the field. This is definitely the case for those seeking careers in bricklaying. One of the few ways for future bricklayers to get experience is to become an apprentice to a professional.

If you’re a professional bricklayer with your own bricklaying business, you may be contacted by recent high school graduates or current college students for an apprenticeship. Having an apprentice is like having an intern: they learn on the job while helping you with certain tasks. You can choose to pay them or offer them school credit. All they really want is the experience so they can start their careers when they’re ready. If you do decide to bring on an apprentice, below are a few ways to find the ideal candidate.

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Bricklayers are a part of a tight knit community. Usually bricklayers know other bricklayers and their children grow up to be bricklayers as well. If you want to hire a reliable bricklayer, keep your ears open for anyone who may be mentioned by your peers. Word of mouth is still one of the strongest forms of information communication. 

College Campuses

Many future bricklayers will join trade schools after high school to get the knowledge they need to be successful in their careers. You can post ads for your company around campuses to grab the attention of students who want more hands-on experience. You can also sign your company up for hiring events and job fairs at colleges to connect with students.


During a time where many have trouble finding jobs, a lot of people in the workforce turn to agencies to find jobs. An agency will connect suitable candidates to reliable jobs. As an employer, you can contact the agencies to find possible apprentices.

Hiring an apprentice can be beneficial to the employer and the apprentice. The employer gets extra help on the job without having to make the same commitments as they would to a regular employee. The apprentice gets the experience they need to be successful and find a career. Apprentices usually get brought on as full-time employees if they’re good enough. If you own a bricklaying business and do decide to bring on an apprentice, remember to invest in bricklayers insurance. This will protect you in the event that the apprentice gets injured; or if they want to sue you for wages they feel they deserve. You can get a bricklayers insurance quote at any time. Improve your future and help someone start theirs by hiring an apprentice.


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