Insurance for Bricklayer Businesses


Before you can start laying bricks for you customers, you have to ensure that the foundation for your bricklaying company is complete. Any construction professional knows that a building is nothing without a strong base. The same is true for your company; and your company’s foundation is not complete until you acquire business insurance. Business Insurance protects your company for many legal and operational liabilities. Since the bricklaying business is a unique type of business, many insurance carriers offer bricklayers insurance. Listed below are some coverage options that come with this type of policy.

Bricklayer Insurance Quote


Public Liability- This is a blanket term used to cover things that are usually covered in business insurance. Public Liability coverage is great for moments like damaged customer property, construction errors, customer injury, employee injury and much more. This is great for those accidents that you don’t see coming.

Brick Layer Tools- A bricklayer’s tools are not cheap. If a tool is broken, damaged, or lost, it can be expensive to replace. With the coverage, your policy will take care of tool-related costs.

Vehicles- When you work in the bricklayer business, there will be moments when the use of a vehicle is necessary. Vehicles are usually used to transport tools, bricking supplies, and equipment. This coverage option will cover your vehicle and equipment in the event that they are damaged to or from a job site.

Business Interruption- There may be times where natural events occur that prevent you from doing work and getting income. This can be anything from natural disasters to personal sickness. If your business is interrupted by earth quake, fire, flood, black out, or you’re incapacitated and can’t work, business interruption coverage will reimburse you for the days you weren’t able to work.

If you want to keep your finances secure and keep your company stable, invest in bricklayers insurance. You never know when you’re going to need to use extra money; an insurance policy will keep the money in your pocket and take care of your problems for you. If you are interested in this insurance, go online and get a bricklayers insurance quote today!