Understanding Workers’ Compensation

You’re sitting in your office, going over the sales numbers from last week. After 2 years, the auto parts company you started is finally making a profit and generating revenue. Everything is going exactly how you planned it. As you bask in your success, you hear a commotion in the stock room. You rush to check it out and see one of your employees with his leg crushed under a transmission. You know for sure that is he is badly injured.

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Accidents will happen, there’s no way around them no matter how careful you are. That’s why it’s important for business owners to have a workers’ compensation insurance policy. Workers’ Comp isn’t required in all states, but it’s a great safety net in case of employee injury.

Workers’ Compensation insurance covers any fees accrued from an injury at work. This means that hospital bills, medical treatments, and days missed for work are covered by the insurance. Worker’s Compensation also clears you from liability. If an employee is injured on the job premises, they cannot sue your company if you offer Workers’ Comp; no matter who’s at fault.

Workers’ Compensation policies are set based on your company’s industry classification code and the payroll. Of course, “high-risk jobs” get higher premiums than “low-risk jobs.” It doesn’t matter if your company is set in an office, warehouse, or a mechanic shop; you won’t be completely safe until you cover your company and employees with Worker’s Comp. Workers’ Compensation can be packaged with other Business Insurance Coverage policies that protect your property, company vehicles, equipment and much more.

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