The Benefits of Going Green with your Janitorial Business


Over the past decade, sustainability, climate change, and the environment have become some of the most discussed topics among politicians, scientists, and environmentalists. These entities have promoted ways to keep our planet healthy and have tried to rid the globe of some of damaging ways of living and production. Everyone can take a part in ensuring that our environment is protected. Even your small janitorial service business can do its job in protecting our environment and moving the planet toward a cleaner and more sustainable way of life.

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You may not have known, but a lot of the cleaning products that your company uses are harmful to humans and the environment. One of the first steps you can take to being more eco-friendly is to purchase products that don’t contain these harmful chemicals. There are plenty of these types of products at your local grocery stores and hypermarkets like Walmart and Target. Many people worry that these greener products won’t work as effectively as ones with the harmful chemicals, but tests have shown that they work just as well. By using these products, you can help avoid medical dangers that are associated by inhalation hazardous chemicals as well as prevent further damage to the environment.

Another way to be more sustainable and eco-friendly is to monitor the amount of waste your company uses. Try to only use it sparingly and when necessary. Also, invest in paper towels, cleaning cloths and other waste materials that are recyclable and bio degradable. Using paper towels that are made with recycled paper is also a good eco-friendly option.

There are many benefits to your janitorial cleaning business when you start to involve more green practices in your operations. The most obvious is the benefit to the environment. By going green, you do your part in curbing pollution on our planet. Using green products also reduces the likelihood of an employee or customer getting sick from dangerous chemicals in the air. Going green can also can help you save money. Also, if you promote your eco-friendly qualities, you company can be more attractive to potential customers.

Going green can be a really beneficial decision for your janitorial business. Another great thing to note is that much of your eco-friendly equipment can still be covered by your janitorial business insurance. If you want to know how much coverage you can get when you go green, get a janitorial business insurance quote today. You can help save the environment and save money at the same time!


Janitorial Insurance Quote