8 Interesting Facts about Landscaping


If you own your own landscaping business, you may think you know everything there is to know about being a great landscaper. You know all about edging, irrigation, soil, landscapers insurance, special equipment and your work is so stylish they should call you an “exterior designer.” But, no matter how much you think you know, there is always something new to learn. Below are a few facts about landscaping you may not have known.

  1. About 21 million acres of grass in the United States are in back yards and front lawns. That’s a lot of grass to cut.
  2. Lawns have actually been proven to be great producers of oxygen; three times more effective than trees. So if you ever need to catch your breath while jogging through the neighborhood, go stand on someone’s lawn.
  3. The term “landscape” was actually a painting term. So I guess landscapers can refer to themselves as artists?
  4. Australia is the landscape capital of the world. They employ more landscapers than any other country and have the most national parks in the world. If work is slow where you live, you know where to go.
  5. An hour of weeding burns about 300 calories (equivalent to biking at a steady pace) and an hour of pushing a lawn mower burns about 500 calories (equivalent to playing tennis). Now you have an excuse to skip the gym.
  6. The most viewed picture of a landscape in the world is…wait for it… “Bliss,” which is the default Windows® XP background image of a large field.
  7. If an A/C unit is shaded by a tree, the unit efficiency can increase up to 10%. Keeping the air conditioner cold makes it work better? How ironic.
  8. A landscape’s arrangement doesn’t just make things beautiful; it can affect the environment as well as social behaviors. They’ve always said that beauty is deeper than what we can see.


Some of these facts can help you put more thought into your landscaping ideas; others are just interesting things to know. You should always seek to learn as much about your profession as possible. Trying out new things can be risky, so always remember to have landscapers insurance coverage to protect you during unfortunate events. You can get a landscapers insurance quote today and start changing lives throw landscape architecture today!