Common Landscaping Mistakes


No one is perfect. No matter how experienced you are as a landscaper, there are always the possibilities of making mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are due to carelessness, lack of focus, and lack of resources. Other times mistakes are more technical and they occur due to lack of experience, changing trends, or misuse of style. These types of mistakes can only be avoided by making them and then learning from them. Lucky for you, this guide will lay out some of the most common landscaping mistakes so you can be aware of them before you make them.

Not Starting with a Plan: For an idea to be executed well, one must always start with a plan. Take notes of the client’s lifestyle and how they plan to use their lawn. Then tour the lawn space a draw out ideas of how it can be effectively landscaped.

Undersized Spaces: A good landscape architect knows how to make the best use of space. There are many times where landscapers pay too much attention to lawn size and create living spaces, patios, and planters that are too small. When these segments are too small, they can negatively affect the aesthetics of the landscape.

Poor Drainage: Many landscapers make the mistake of not preparing a proper irrigation system. When poor irrigation tactics are used, flooding can become a problem.

Edging: Landscapers must create clear edges in their work to create contrast and clear design techniques. When edges aren’t noticeable, the landscape can appear messy and disorganized. 

Overlooking the Seasons:  Some landscapers place trees and shrubs on a landscape with only summer and spring in mind. A good landscaper prepares a lawn for all four seasons and will add plants that survive year round.

Views from the Inside: Sometimes, homeowners want to see their lawn from the inside of their home as well as the outside. Many landscapers have made the mistake of planting a tree or bush to close to a window, which will eventually grow to block the window’s view of the outdoors.

Overlooking Lighting: Lawns look great in the day; but what about the night? Many landscapers don’t acknowledge the idea that a lawn can look just as beautiful at night with the proper lighting. View potential landscaping jobs at night to see where good lighting will advantageous.

If you want you want to keep your customers satisfied and protect your reputation, avoid making these common mistakes. Landscaping is more than just mowing, trimming, and finding places for plants and trees. It also involves deep thought, consciousness of style and preparation for long-term efficiency. If a customer is dissatisfied with your work, they can ask for a refund or open a lawsuit against you. The costs for moments like these are covered by emissions and errors coverage on a landscapers insurance policy. If you would like to protect your assets and finances in the event that a mistake is made, get yourself a landscapers insurance quote and see how much you can be covered for. Mistakes will happen, but you can still try your best to avoid them.