Starting a Landscaping Business


In the United States, there are about 58 million households with private lawns. This adds up to close to 21 million acres of back yards and fronts yards that need to be tended to. If you were ever looking to start a business, landscaping is a market that will always be necessary. Many people just think of landscapers as lawn mowers and gardeners, but they do much more than that. Landscapers also help design lawns to look beautiful using different types of plants, rocks, stones, sand, and gardens. They are responsible for the overall vibe of a landscape. Listed below are a few things one would need to start and landscaping business.


If you plan to add a design aspect your landscaping company, a degree in Landscape Architecture may be necessary. It will also make you appear more credible when trying to obtain new clients. Regular lawn care business may not require as much education, but strong knowledge of mowing, trimming, pruning, edging, and soil may be necessary.

Business Plan

Every business begins with a business plan. This is the blueprint for getting your business started. A business plan will help you decide what kind of service you will offer, how much you’ll charge, what resources you’ll need to get started, how you’ll acquire funds for starting your business, marketing plans, and your area of operation.

Building a Brand

The way you brand your company is what will set you apart from your competition. Figure out how you want to position your company in the market. Branding is when you decide on your company’s name, logo, website, culture and the overall identity of your business. Good branding is what will make your company stand out.


Every business should have some sort of business insurance policy. Business insurance is a safety net in cases of property damage, customer or employee injury, or any other reason someone would file a lawsuit against your business. There is also landscapers insurance which covers things specific to your line of work including company vehicles, equipment, service interruption, and theft. If you would like to see the type of policy you can get for your business, get a landscapers insurance quote from a reliable carrier.


It’s important to plan what type of equipment you’ll need for the type of service you plan to offer. Try not to spend too much on expensive fancy equipment; if you’re skilled enough, regular equipment will work fine. Be sure that the equipment you use is easy to transport and get it covered with landscapers insurance coverage just in case it malfunctions, breaks, or gets stolen.

Finding Customers (Marketing)

Once you’re ready to get your business started, you’re going to need to find customers. Many landscapers acquire clients through word of mouth. They also post fliers in neighborhoods and business to get their attention. You can also think of some good out-of-the-box marketing methods like offering free service to show your skill or offering discounts to those that refer you to other customers.

If you plan to start a landscaping business, as with any business, it may take some time before you see profit. But once you build your reputation and start acquiring more clients, you will see the fruits of your labor pay off. Do things to set yourself apart from the competition by offering unique services and providing service in the off season like when it snows. There will always be a need for landscapers; you just have to find the work.