Your Guide to Landscapers Insurance


As long as homeowners want to keep their lawns manicured, there will always be a need for landscapers. Many landscapers are self-employed with their own businesses. As with any industry, there are a lot of risks involved in the landscaping business that can affect your company’s success. To protect your company and your wallet in the case of unforeseen misfortune, it’s important that you get some type of landscapers business insurance. You never know what can happen at a job site, so it’s imperative to have some back up. Listed below are a few of the things that a landscapers insurance policy will cover.

General Liability­- This is the fundamental business insurance coverage that every business owner should have. This covers things like injuries, property damage, tools and equipment, and much more.

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Workers’ Compensation-Depending on the state you live in, you may be required to get a workers’’ compensation policy. In the case of an employee injury, workers’ comp frees the business from all liabilities and covers the employee’s medical bills and treatments.

Tools and Equipment- If your tools and equipment get stolen, damaged, or malfunction, the costs to replace them will be covered by your policy.

Vehicles- Most landscapers require a vehicle to do their job. Whether it’s a pickup truck, utility van, or a heavy duty vehicle, it will need to be covered by more than just a standard auto insurance policy. A landscapers insurance policy will cover your work vehicle and the equipment inside of it if it gets damaged on the way to or from a job.

Advertising- If you advertise your business and mention unfavorable things about your competition, they can open a lawsuit against you for slander, libel, or false claims. This coverage will take care of the costs for lawsuits and damages related to the case.

Property Damage- Since landscapers work on customer property, accidents can occur that damages the property. If this happens and the customer opens a lawsuit, your coverage can help protect your finances from the expenses.

No one can predict the future; you never know what can happen on any given day. Protect your assets and your finances by obtaining a good insurance policy. Your premium will be based on the type of coverage your business requires. You can actually go get a landscapers insurance quote right now! Make sure you’re fully covered and keep your business safe.