Reasons why you should start a Welding Business


A silent man stands in a dim warehouse wearing a helmet that looks something from a space movie. Sitting before him are scraps of metal and a tool that heats to temperatures reaching 5000°C. No, he is not a deranged killer in a horror movie; he’s a welder. Welding is a booming industry that will always be needed. So many aspects of our lives are only possible because of welders. So why wouldn’t you take your career into your own hands and start a welding business? Below are some reasons why starting your own welding business is a great idea.

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No Degree Necessary:  Welding is a trade, which means that all one has to do is attend school for a couple of years and receive certification. This allows welders to complete education and enter the job force much faster than most careers that require a degree. Welders also have the potential to earn the same salaries as doctors, who require a lot more schooling to begin their careers. 

Many Types of Welding Processes: When people think of welders, they usually picture the man with the safety helmet and a blow torch. But did you know there are many other ways to weld metals? There’s stick welding which uses electricity; TIG welding which uses Tungsten; MIG which uses a welding gun; and even Ultrasonic welding which uses high speed vibrations to weld. With such a variety of techniques available, you can use welders skilled in different types of welding to expand your client base.

Products that require Welding: Another great reason to open your welding business is that there will never be a shortage of work. Nearly 50% of everything we use in the U.S. is made by welders. This includes cars, bridges, airplanes, ships, computers, medical devices, smartphones, toys, industrial equipment, spaceships, satellites, and much more. With so many uses for welders, your welding business will always have a job to do.

Travel: Because of the many work possibilities involved with welding, there are also great opportunities for welders to travel. The Navy could want you to travel to the Middle East to work on a ship; or you could get a called New York to help work on a new building. Because welders are in high demand, if your company has a good reputation, you may get called on for an awesome job that requires you to travel away from home.

If you’re a welder and you want to take your income to the next level, think about starting a welding business. You’ll always have work to do; maybe even out of the country. If you plan on starting a business, remember to look into getting business insurance to protect your business from any customer claims. There are even insurance providers that offer welder liability insurance with policies that are specific to your career. See how much insurance you can get covered for by getting a welder insurance quote today. Take your welding career to the next level by getting your business started today!


Welders Insurance Quote