What is Welders’ Insurance?


Whether you plan to start a welding business with employees or plan to work as an independent contractor, you’re going to need welders insurance. Welders’ liability insurance is a form of business insurance with policies that are specific to those who work in welding or run a welding company. There are plenty of risks involved in this line of work that could harm your company if it’s not properly insured. Listed below are some of the things that a welder’s insurance policy will cover.

Business Property- In the case that a fire or any other natural occurrence damages your workplace, the cost of damages and items in the building can be covered by this policy.

Vehicles- All of your company vehicles and the equipment inside are protected by this coverage. There are times where your company vehicles can be involved in a collision. This coverage will take care of fees involved in the repairs.

Employee Injury- As with any job, employees are at risk of injury. This is especially true for welders since they use so much dangerous equipment. If you own a business with employees, you most likely already have a Workers’ Compensation policy.  Employee insurance coverage will take care of things like medical bills, treatments, and time off due to work-related injury.

Equipment- Some of the equipment a welder uses is very expensive. If the equipment is damaged, lost, or malfunctions, it can be extremely costly to replace. Equipment coverage will take care of costs related to replacing or repairing necessary equipment.

Crime Insurance- This insurance coverage protects your company’s finances in cases where employees or criminals steal something from your business.

If you’re welding company does not have good welders’ insurance coverage, then your business is at risk of losing everything in the event that someone files a lawsuit against you. You can also take a big financial hit if you have to come out of pocket to pay for medical bills, replacement equipment, and vehicular damage. If you’re interest in getting an insurance police to keep your business safe and peace of mind at ease, get a welders’ insurance quote from a reliable carrier today!

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